ted92dri Naruto : the dragon's descendant
A genius in the modern world was killed by his step brother by jealousy , the god king saw his misfortune and decided to send him in another world with a bloodline never seen before ...
Nandou Maomao Mistress For The Billionaire
She had no choice when she became the mistress of a CEO. It was not for money, nor for desire, but fate. But she had to fall for the guy next door; after all, he was good at everything from taking care of a home to taking care of kids! After she fell in love, she realized he was already engaged. And he was the brother-in-law of the CEO. How could she have seen the ploy? What can I do when my jaded heart melts? When the hate I’ve held onto for ten years is gone, what do I do? When you said you
임한백 The Great Storyteller
Yum Woo is the youngest author in history to enter the literature world. His debut work was a massive hit but this success was short lived for the unprepared. A miraculous second chance comes his way one day. This is the beginning of that journey.
Leonardo Lawson Magic Crusade
This story takes place in a world where magic exists. So do beings such as monsters, demons and angels. God was still worshipped as the Supreme Being and ruler of both Heaven and Earth and Lucifer was known as the ruler of the Underworld. Angels and Demons were seen as legends due to no one having proof of their existence. The protagonist, Seito, is an average boy - to the point he doesn 't have the ability to use Mana whatsoever - was born poor and didn 't see the meaning of his life. D
CliffkunLolRekt Im Only Going To Stop When I Break The Absolute limit !!!!! there is no limit known smirk
if your going to read this you have to listen the the music i put in the botom of the page so copy and past it in the top of the browser k lol its for background sound but the voice of them can set certain moods so thats why its not only the beat but real songs {I'm not the best with commas and similar stuff I'm going to collage to fix it soon. So give me some slack if you can get past that...